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What is going on guys shifter here, bring you guys, 20 Steam Wallet Code Free next step in the tutorial, which is setting up the steam trade bot and pretty much. This is going to accept your trades automatically and login all automatically without you having to leave your computer on or do anything manually, and so the reason why we’re doing this now actually is because there will be a 15 day. Trade ban make your bot because the steam guard is like that and it’s kind of annoying, but that’s not what we have to deal with so we’re going to go ahead and make this early on in the tutorial.

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So what you’re going to do is go to Gmail and you just want to go to create an account, and you can just make this anything you want, and then you just got to make a username that, like doesn’t really matter. Usually, what I do is make it with it. Whatever your domain is on, you make it along with that, so I’ll just make CS gos bot a1 and then just make a password of your choice. And then this does not matter and you can choose one of those and you don’t need to do that and then we will do this and then we’re going 20 Steam Wallet Code Free go to the next step. So well then,

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20 Steam Wallet Code Free
you just want to do continued Gmail and you should have your account all right. So this is your bot gmail account, so we’re gonnally, we’ll send it to our email after many attempts, and we should get a new access code and we’re going to put that right there and then after it accepts that you’re going to want To put your phone number that you have in here, because it will text you a code, but after this you will never have to use your fountain up again. So I’m just going to block at this part, obviously except okay, and then I would just write this in. Like the Google 20 Steam Wallet Code Free r98,

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we for our nine eight two, eight four all right and then we’re going to copy that and then you’re going to want to go to your phone and type in the code 20 Steam Wallet Code Free they gave you, which is for me five. Seven one for you it’ll be different, obviously, and then 20 Steam Wallet Code Free’m just going to paste that code that they gave me first in there and then, after that, everything is set up and so now, when you sign it into steam, this acts as a mobile authentic. 20 Steam Wallet Code Free accounts. I think I might’ve type that wrong. No, I don’t want to update password. Oh so let me okay, seven and eight okay.

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So now it gives you a code which is right there 20 Steam Wallet Code Free copy submit, and that is where you have your mobile Authenticator. So that’s how you set it up first and then we’ll actually use a file that SDA creates and we’ll use that to make everything automatic, but as right now everything is manual until we start setting at the bot files in the next tutorial. Actually, we won’t do that in the next tutorial, but in the later tutorials, but oh yeah make sure leave a like if you guys did enjoy this um, no we’re nearing on 600 subscribers, which is actually crazy, even growing insanely fast. I just want to thank you guys so much for tuning in to the series and I’ll see you guys the next one peace. You you.
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