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Hey guys, what’s going on gt2, can you look a little quick video and today I’m going to be showing you guys how you could get free coupons to buy gems that you want for cheaper instead of having to invest a lot more money, there’s a way 5 Steam Code Free Could actually get them for a lot cheaper by getting free coupons from the specific lock. So, for example, let’s say I wanted to buy a portal 2,

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it’s currently 20 euros on the scheme market and let’s say if I go to this spot and what this spot? Basically is: is you give it trash and with that trash other people can withdraw or you could donate to it as well so items you don’t want, you could throw it in so that people could use 5 Steam Code Free. What so? Whoever wants a specific game can get it before the coupon ends,

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5 Steam Code Free
because you want to use it in the end anyways. So it’s a pretty cool but actually and yeah. Let’s say we wanted portal 2. So, let’s open up calculator as well, instead of paying at 20 years. Let’s see what coupons that are they rolling around there’s a 66 % off one of 50 yeah, so there’s two 5 Steam Code Free % off here, that’s probably the one we want to get so we do times point six six,

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and 5 Steam Code Free is how much is 5 Steam Code Free to be Removed from $ 20, so so $ 20, when it’s thirteen point two and in reality your own thing, just under seven dollars, which is actually pretty insane, and this way we could get a lot of skin being so you want for a lot cheaper. So out again, not all of the games will be on coupon, but there’s a lot of 98 coupon, a 90 % off. So if you want to just like,

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have a lot of games on your steam account, this is a way to do it. I guess but yeah it looks a little quick video. I just wanted to show you guys so yeah I’ll also want to mention. If you like, take a bunch of items out will help giving something back to it. You’Ll get blocked. So if you want, you can just throw in some tips to create a different drops, which is what a lot of people do. 5 Steam Code Free guess oh yeah, it’s a really cool bot and it’ll, be in the description below so guys get enjoyed this video and have a great day.
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