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Hey everybody be on the verge, I’m here with the iPhone 10, which is absolutely beautiful. I’M just going free Codes For Steam Wallet Apk say it straight out. This is the white version. It’s got a glass back here. It’s got a five-point, eight inch, OLED display. You can see the notch at the top there’s no home button, so you swipe up to close an app when you’re in an app you swipe up and hold to go to the app switcher. You can just bang between apps there because we’re swiping up from the bottom to the control center. You now swipe down from the right side for control center. You swipe down from the left side for the notifications. Try it is.

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I mean I just can’t say enough: there’s a super beautiful phone: it’s got a stainless steel band, it’s got 12 megapixel, dual cameras on the back they’re, both stabilized. Now this one is f 1.8. The telephoto is at 2.4 and on the front, you’ve got a depth tracking system, the front that enables face ID because there’s no more touch ID on the free Codes For Steam Wallet Apk. You look at the phone, it protects 30,000 and red dots on your face against a map unlocks the phone, so the iPhone 10 also has new camera modes. Fn8 actually has his camera modes. The most important is called portrait lighting. So this poor gentleman from Apple,

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you can see I’m a slide over to stage light. I must shoot him it’s going to process and you see Free Codes For Steam Wallet Apk‘ll show you the photo. It’s blacked out the entire background, that’s available on both the 10 and the 8. These are new portrait lighting effects in the iPhone tank. Iphone 10 has no home button. It’s got face ID shot setup for my face, the gentleman from Apple it’s set up for his face. You can see he just looks at the phone and automatically Imams. So he’s going to look at the phone, keep your eyes closed and look at the phone. It’s still locked now. If he opens his eyes it’s going to unlock. That is pretty cool that space idea.

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The other new thing is for Apple pay. The side button is a lot bigger here, so to free Codes For Steam Wallet Apk Apple pay, you just double click. It it’ll open it. Gon na pointed at this gentleman’s face because that’s his face, and now you just wave it at the reader for Apple pay. I got to say this: unlock stuff is really cool, but also I’ve got this phone. If I just pointed at this gentleman’s face, I can unlock it. So obviously, some security free Codes For Steam Wallet Apk to work through there for apples, because if someone grabs free Codes For Steam Wallet Apk phone – and they just pointed at you – you might want to keep your eyes closed all the time.

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The front camera also can do portrait free Codes For Steam Wallet Apk now because of that depth tracking system and they fed off a really cool demo, snapchat doing really cool new filters and snapchat just try to so there’s my face. That’s one of the new filters you can see. It looks way cooler than regular snapchat filters. The iPhone 10 starts at $ 1,000 for the 64 gigabyte version. There’s a 256 gigabyte version, it’s more expensive Apple, actually didn’t announce. The price onstage got a look at a web for that it is just an absolutely gorgeous phone. It’s going to come out in November, there’s also the iPhone 8, which is a little bit cheaper. That’s going out a lot sooner, so that is a very, very quick. Look at the iPhone tanked you.
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