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That is right. We are back with another episode of cry of fear. You didn’t think I canceled this series now I won’t let a little thing like nobody watch and stop me so where we last left off a guy cut his own head off free Gift Code Steam Wallet a chainsaw. There’s some weird freaky doctor really uninspired, Silent Hill, spooky art, hallways and and then I saved and I’ve got very little bullets. Let’s see, I still got oh yeah, not my my homegirl organic nightstick in my cell phone,

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which still has the same text message from like episode to know how long before jump scare you think wow free Gift Code Steam Wallet this looks familiar. I finally got a new text message. Are you okay, you better come home now I’m getting worried, shut up mom. I have to cry some fear. Ah, alright count that as a jump scare, because I did in fact you know I got it used to it. I’M a little out of practice shout out to Ronald McDonald Street and he did sex never do. First. How could you read that man? It’s got like four pixels huh? Ah hey! Ah, I have multiple jokes.

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I could reference the fact that this is like an exact monster from the first half-life game. I could make an HP Lovecraft joke. I can make like an ever topical, hentai, tentacle, porn goof, but uh. It’s a little mind-numbing Lee terrifying staring at this thing. It’s a little hard free Gift Code Steam Wallet pick. So it’s just. This is like a choose-your-own-adventure joke. You can pick which one would make you laugh the most and pretend that’s the one I went with. Is this the way to progression? I have a feeling I’m gonnate, right, left and all right, GoGet and then your left.

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Then free Gift Code Steam Wallet go left again and then you don’t listen to that deceptive and then you jump yeah see I that I thought that wouldn’t work, because so many times you just aren’t allowed to jump over things free Gift Code Steam Wallet that. Remember the car couldn’t jump in the car. Easy up there get on me no, but I can hear him. I guess I should be still running away in free Gift Code Steam Wallet. That bike looks like a kid on it. It’s glowing like an item. It’s a bad color, the only like brightly colored thing. I’Ve seen all day real, oh really didn’t I pick up bullets. Oh, that was in the other life dang.

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It alright well haha. Well at least use the kill that door won’t budge that door won’t budge. E boom boats jumps! Oh it’s you! It’s the lady! From episode 3, I forgot to reload that was a mistake. Yeah take your time. Use pride. Fear probably didn’t need all those free that felt pretty good. Didn’T it gift of big, hey. Excuse me: hey they’re, bringing back uh, stabby dwarf and in weird doll, lady, bringing back all the old favorites that looks different nope exactly the same, that is some lazy, texturing wow wow wow wow wow wow. I hope that does not happen again. I didn’t like that. Whoa ooh jumpy puzzle, I’wallet failing the first part, don’t not so code. Take your time, steam cry for Russia. I would love there to be a save point when I turn around thanks for nothing game.
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