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Ever since the steam launch of armored warfare, one of the most commonly asked questions is: how do you read email mo code with armored warfare and steam? So it’s actually very very easy. When you actually launch armored warfare through Steam, you get the my comm launcher before you actually open the game. So free Steam Cd Key Giveaway you do is you head into the my dot-com launcher, which is yep, and you can see a whole bunch of things on the on the screen here.

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The best way really of getting to it is just a click web shop which will bring you into the web shop and launch your. We will launch your browser and it will launch you and log you in automatically to your profile. You then click on profile at the top left here, and that brings you into this sort of profile screen and then you’ve got redeem, a promo code so, for free Steam Cd Key Giveaway, steampipe aw, which I actually can’t claim because I’ve already claimed it. But what you would do,

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Free Steam Cd Key Giveaway
normally you click Submit, but because I’ve already sort of activated this one. I can’free Steam Cd Key Giveaway do this, however. Normally will say you know you’ve redeemed this promo codes you code successfully and then, when you head back into the game, you’ll have the premium time on your account, though, that’s basically very very easy way of getting the premium time there. It is seven days worth of premium time from that on that code. One piece of advice I would give is,

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if you’re looking for things like promo free Steam Cd Key Giveaway or whatever for vehicles other than the official ones, that the game gives away, keep an eye on the armored warfare content creators, content creators such as myself free Steam Cd Key Giveaway have codes or vehicles To give away such as the vehicle you can see in the background footage right now, the t-64 AV hunter checking us out and checking out all content creators,

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while we’re streaming can be a very good way for you to be able to pick up one of these Fantastic vehicles in the giveaway, I would definitely recommend doing that because some of the vehicles we give away can be awesome. Just like the hunter you can see and can really help give you an edge when trying to get credits together for a brand new tank. So Free Steam Cd Key Giveaway hope this has helped clear up some of the confusion around redeeming codes when using the steam version of armored warfare. I have some more guides focus around starting the game coming in the near future, but for now many thanks for watching and I shall see you in the next video.
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