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Hey everybody: this is good boy. My first attempt at doing a live pre-roll. It didn’t go very well! Oh yeah! What’s going on there, okay, cool! Well, there’s my face anyway! So um well, but welcome everyone. That’s tuning in for the for the live stream shout out to a sort of look who got you your first shadow tratar as your asian asian. You just won free Steam Cd Keys Reddit a set for being first first to the mark, there we go and so we’re all good we’re all good there. So I’m going to leave the the thing narcissistic. Leviathan love love the trolls. Thanks for that, one right, but good to see you all there, oh by the way, anyone that gets anything in these things.

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Please do email me to claim your prize. Logistically, it’s quite challenging sentence of over, but I’ll give you an update and some giveaway a load of free stuff like a wealth, a wealth of three stuff, a crazy, crazy amount of free stuff. So yeah stay tuned for all that sort of jazz. So it’s patreon giveaway, it’s also XY gaming, giveaway and we’re going to start working. I free Steam Cd Keys Reddit so there’s a $ 50 steam card. But for the time being, there are four lucky winners who have who have successfully done it and I’m going to type them into the steam box. So these are. These are $ 20 steam cards. Here we go so this is the first winner diva box. Second, winner is Joe cha.

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Free Steam Cd Keys Reddit
They are Joe cha. Third, one is Muhammad McAuliffe Lee Mack Luffy. I could say it earlier and it’s fine and the last one is Andy dear reader, so there you go, hide everyone in the the Philippines, proud to see you all. Oh, it’s free Steam Cd Keys Reddit, I’m just looking at my screen. It’s like a mirror with in a mirror within a mirror, but but there you go now everyone that is steaming in by the way. Anyone that catches me in a live stream has a very, very good chance. We’Re not very good chances dependent appeal, like a 10 million people subscribe stream end and then that’s final. It would be the most successful YouTube livestream ever so a lot of data would happen,

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but anyone that does get into the live stream i chance are. You will win a prize so there you go, but those are the four winners there. You will also be contacted with your $ 20 steam cards. Congratulations. You literally got that for signing up to use X Y gaming, there’s a $ 50 one coming up in just a second free Steam Cd Keys Reddit’ll go into that on anything. Let’s bring up now. So here’s here’s XY gaming. So these are the guys that are sponsoring me great guys. Really great guys, I love that free Steam Cd Keys Reddit love what they’free Steam Cd Keys Reddit trying to do, and this is what they do. As you see, most of the stuff is dota related,

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but there is stuff there for League of Legends as low as a ladle and stuff smite stuff blah blah new eating other games. All you do, is you sign up for free when coins are free and then, if I take you to the marketplace here boom, you can redeem that for all kinds of stuff and if you look at my inventory, for example, I have all this stuff, including this $ 50 steam car, which I’m about to give away now I could view the key right now, but then that would instantly compromise the prize because it would be a mad dash. I should do that. I should free Steam Cd Keys Reddit to you that at a live stream, I should be like hey everybody. I’M gonna and $ 50 team card bin III have relaunched the gauntlet and it should all be should be good. Alright, peace out, everybody love you all good, bye, bloody, fantastic.
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