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Free Steam Trading Cards Giveaway

What is going on guys get here and today i’m going to show you guys how you can get free steam keys as a youtuber as a switch trailer just as a general video game content creator. So everyone do want to go over to google and type in key mailer and they’ll be a link in the description. If you want to go and straight to it and then you want to go to kemah lat co, so basically, what this site actually is. Is you sign up as a content creator, you link your Twitter YouTube and your Twitter and to this the site, and basically, what this allows you to do is you’ll be free Steam Trading Cards Giveaway browse games on key mailer, and then you, if you see a game you’re interested in You can request the key from the developers and those keys will. Basically, those developers will look at your channel and I’ll decide if they want to send you a key or not, for you know reviewing offer just for generally playing or whatever.

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So it’s basically the way it works. Free Steam Trading Cards Giveaway don’t always get the keys, it depends on the developers and if they want to and sometimes don’t send keys off their own back so yeah, it’s pretty great, because if you do get the key it all gets sent done to you through the website. So you can go on to a section on the website and get a keys and all that sort of stuff if I’ll go into more detail, not in a second first of all, we’re just gonna yours as well, so yeah it’s for its pretty good system. I really like it all. These games are in my Steam library now, so that’s what 1 2, 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11 12 in a month and a half as 12 free games and most of them weren’t that expensive, like dungeon Souls, is like seven quid prospectus. Seven quid bezzie a seven quid, so you know you’re saving yourself money and you’re also getting great games and they may be otherwise wouldn’t have found,

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Free Steam Trading Cards Giveaway
because I have not heard anything about like like any of the any of these games. I had it outside of key Baylor. I haven’t heard of any of these games outside a key mela, their dungeon Souls and prospects, pretty much the only two games that actually heard of already – and only I requested those. So you know but zoom yeah. That’s pretty much. All it is all you’ve got, ta do is go and discover, especially if you are a review of them, focusing everyone, the reviewers or, if you just want to play new games as they come out for, let’s plays and stuff you just got ta go on the Main page and just find games as they come out and you can see training walls is right. There unbusy is right there, so they’re both feet, dude games, and then you just find a game. You want request a key and then the developers may send you that and that’s pretty free Steam Trading Cards Giveaway the extent of it. So this is key mela. If I,

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you know, as you can see Tim Baker at the minute bottom, I think it’s really good. I really like it. So that’s free Steam Trading Cards Giveaway much free Steam Trading Cards Giveaway you got ta. Do we just request keys, you may get them. You may not and then just turn tag your coverage of the game and it can go towards your influence free Steam Trading Cards Giveaway rank and develop. Something else see this. So obviously, something to note is obviously, if you are big you’ll, get a lot more keys like I’m a bit hit and miss. I usually get like keys like smaller developers and stuff and cheaper games and stuff, like that. It’s like plantaris only to quit on steam and it’s like a really small development team. I think it may only be one person, free Steam Trading Cards Giveaway don’free Steam Trading Cards Giveaway quote me that i don’t remember it was a little while ago but term. Obviously, if i have like 50 k, subscribers I’d be more likely to get and some games like if I’m pending requests as exceeds there’s a lot of games.

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I didn’t get so maybe like d’know Alekhine is good, and maybe, if i was a bigger developer, i would have got that a bigger youtuber. What I’ve got that, because this one’s like a bit more expensive and stuff like that and made by a bigger team. So you know it does depend on your your audience size, whether you all free Steam Trading Cards Giveaway guns or guns or how they will get games or not. But Sir, it’s definitely leather try. So this is a key mailer and I think if you are a Content greater, why not sign up cuz, you never know you could get and I was like. Oh I’m only a small youtube, so i probably won’t get much but look at me. These are all get over 12 games so far, so this is key maker, female or even Oh, guys enjoy. If you did enjoy this video, if you think it helped you out at any point which I don’t leave a like, it really upset channel other than that lazy yeah. Thank you very much watching it out see you guys next time, peace, peace.
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