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Hey guys and welcome back to another episode of project genome. Get Free Steam Trading Cards is a fantastic MMORPG game. We’Re going to be continuing where we left off now, for those of you may have missed the last episode you missed out on quite an episode. I actually thought that one was pretty funny just from the quest that they made us do now. The quest that we have now wants us to go find a hound in and kind of stomp it out. It is a diseased hound in, i think, is the one they’re asking us to get, and usually, if you are coming on here at prime hours or even semi, prime hours or even late at night,

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actually seems to be almost perma camped because it has recently under The last patch they did change so get Free Steam Trading Cards the creature spawns nearly instantly, which makes it a beautiful target. Not only that, but the target can’t come out of the hole is kind of locked inside right now, so it’s kind of a cheat. You know the game is still in alpha and people are exploiting any kind of bug you could find, and I can’t really say I haven’t done it myself, I’m kind of a shame to admit, but we are who we are and it’s a good spot to level Of so I think I know exactly where they want us to go. Let’s go ahead. Yep, it’s uh! It’s the whole! It’s it’s a good spot,

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Get Free Steam Trading Cards
it’s a good spot and there’s ammo and a respawn point like right up here. So if you come in here and you’re like I want to level up, you die you’ll spawn right over here next to the ammo crate, and if you run over there you can uh, you can get get Free Steam Trading Cards by a whole bunch of little dudes a little bandits Or something like that Raiders or something along those lines that are pretty tough there in level 21, I believe, or you can run down over here – listen core told me about the Beast. Apparently we are dealing with the anticipator instinct. This specimen seeks to subjugate a pack keep killing them, keep killing them into what until something oh yeah. Let’s take that off. We do not need every quest. We’Ve ever done.

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Alpha hound, five regular hounds 10; okay, let’s go ahead and put those on, so we have mad hound get Free Steam Trading Cards Matt hound. So just uh just kill these guys. Get Free Steam Trading Cards first person to get the last hit gets the update, see if we can kill this guy off real, quick there we go. Alright only need five of these. Only if I’m not gonna hold it against it. As always guys. I want to thank you for watching. I may see gamer and I will definitely catch get Free Steam Trading Cards next time, hey get Free Steam Trading Cards and welcome to the disembodied voice of AC gamer. We are definitely going to be doing a lot more series in the future, but here are a few home that you guys might find interesting, of course, you’re more than welcome to check them out.

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I would love to hear your comments again. If you do enjoy these videos be sure to hit that like button subscribe, it’s definitely the indicator that i use to tell if you guys want to see more videos like that of that particular game style of that you know series in the long run. So when you guys leave comments down, it helps me does side whether we should keep doing it as well as whether you want to see games like that in the future, and here are a few of them right here. I kind of picked out a few of different genres. We will be doing spotlights for other youtubers in the future, so if you want to get a little shout-out, get Free Steam Trading Cards let me know if you group with me chances are. You will get a shout out in here. Eventually, but for now these are just for series that I have that I feel like could use a little bit more attention and that you guys might actually enjoy as well thanks again for watching guys, and we will definitely catch you all next time.
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