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What up rocket League community, skyrim Steam Product Key Free name is Josh and I’m bringing URL CeCe’s first video ever now. Most of you are probably wondering what is our LCC? Well, it’s the rock week champions club. It’s a new website that we’re bringing it to you guys and basically what it is, is an area for amateurs to come together, build a community to see some rising legends and stars coming up from the underground and moving on the way up to the professional scene And the same time, we get to compete against other people of your skill level, but also for prizes. You know other fun stuff that usually only professionals get to experience and all that so yeah, I’m not going to spend too much time.

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This video I’ll just quickly introduce what we’re doing so we’re starting off by having a 2 D 2 and a 3 B 3 skyrim Steam Product Key Free prize is for each or each winner in both tournaments. So 5 polo winners, yet $ 20 steam won’t cook, so yeah. Nothing too crazy. Nothing too exciting. But, like I said again, it’s a bunch of amateurs we’re just starting out once we get bigger, we’re, definitely going to have bigger prizes, different types of tournaments. You know different exciting things for non-professionals be able to come together and have a more competitive and fun experience in mine, so yeah it’s pretty exciting for us. Hopefully it is for you guys. Link will be in description. Like I said check this out.

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Skyrim Steam Product Key Free
The sign up is pretty easy: just click on one of the tournaments at there’s a few pages that you can find it and playing your the info at asks and yeah that’s pretty much. It tournaments will be on october, eight and october nine. So the to be two on the 8th 43 309. So it’s a lot of time to skyrim Steam Product Key Free again we’ll be holding more in the near future afterwards. So if you can’t make this one or what not no big deal, you know maybe subscribe or do whatever we will be posting more videos and keeping you guys up there and whatnot we got the twitter we got. Everything going check is so pretty easy to find. All the things most of the stuff mentioned in this video will be in the description,

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so look they’re not on the website. Well, I just quickly go into skyrim Steam Product Key Free our goals through the website is so, like I said you know it’s, it’s mainly for amateurs, obviously, skyrim Steam Product Key Free people who are progressing and kind of move their way up to professional scene yeah. Obviously, if you jump right in there, you’re going to get manhandled and probably pretty hard to define a team and whatnot if you’re going in solo expecially Beauvoir. So this is a great place. We skyrim Steam Product Key Free be streaming all the videos or not all the matches, but most of skyrim Steam Product Key Free, then obviously the finals and whatnot. So the good chance for you to get your name out there and meet new people, and you know all the great things that come with doing one of those goofy.

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So we are not first-timers, you guys might know my voice or us from previous games. Like Call of Duty in csgo, we used to go on to the name of what we still do. It’s a big part of. What’s the team exemplify, we still are on youtube. If you were interested in looking at our past stuff but uh yeah, i won’t go too much into that either just want to explain the videos. Other goals for the website is to have a lot of system, more comments, maybe even paid tournaments, where the prize would be much much greater than any free tournament we will hold and we will be having more with greater prizes as skyrim Steam Product Key Free. I guess that’s pretty much. It, hopefully, you guys enjoy again link description, check us out, don’t like it, oh well, if not, if you’re interested it was a try, it’s gonname is Josh rocc. Let’s go you.
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