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Hey abused abusers, my name is general, read strategist and welcome to a little update video with a twist. I am using a face cap, so I went and bought myself a cheap budget. Webcam, like I said, a budget, is the keyword to actually know, tear the audio and visual quality of this probably sucks, really that which I apologize for, but you know I needed something cheap and this webcam that I’ve got right now fit the bell perfectly. So I’ve got an update video here, for you all, hopefully, will be interesting, especially you know, not least because I’m actually appearing in person for it am. I anything like how you imagined me to look like there’s a question for you to answer in the comments below. Don’T be too harsh, but yes, so there are several things I actually need to talk about with all your steam Wallet Codes Uk Free out there.

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I will probably just sort of launch straight into them before I do that, though. Apologies if, throughout this video, instead of looking in this direction and more focused on what’s going on over here on, my actual PC screen is just because, because my screen is flat, it’s kind of awkward and difficult to actually balance my webcam on top of it. Whenever I do so, we just usually falls down the back of the computer, so I’ve had to sort of set it up at an angle here. So once again, apologies if during this video, instead of looking in this direction, I’m actually looking in this direction here, because I’ve got so much to talk about that. I’Ve had to kind of write. Some prompts on the screen so yeah for the most part, but I’ll be looking steam Wallet Codes Uk Free this direction rather than stripe. You know, but you, but yes,

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Steam Wallet Codes Uk Free
no further ado, let’s actually get to what I actually want to talk about. So if you’ve seen the title, this video you’ll have seen that I am doing a special giveaway for this month now. This is something I’ve never actually done before. So let’s talk about this first because it’s probably what you’re all interested in first and foremost. So basically, what happened was a couple of days ago, big robot got in contact with me on my Twitter page now, for anyone who doesn’t know who big robot our big robot limited, are an indie games. Company made sir you’re being hunted so he’d been haunted. Of course, being one of steam Wallet Codes Uk Free main games that I do here on my channel and they also recently made the signal from told another game I’m hoping to have to get to at some point.

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So basically they contacted me on Twitter and they said to me general. Would you like some steam keys for sooner you’re being hunted that you can give away to some of your followers, and I thought steam Wallet Codes Uk Free know what this sounds really interesting. Let’s talk, and so a big robot limited were steam Wallet Codes Uk Free enough to give me five steam keys for three copies of sir you’re being hunted. Now, I’m going to be giving away four of them, I’m actually just gonnavigate there and steam Wallet Codes Uk Free a watch of the videos that I’ve released on there so far. They should be fairly interesting and I do plan on doing more stuff on there, not just Ruby volume. 5 – let’s watch things, but there are other ideas I found as well, so you might see more content appearing soon other than that there really isn’t much steam Wallet Codes Uk Free. For me to say: well then thank you,

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everybody and Facebook and Twitter links, of course, will be in the video description as well as always with my videos these days. So if you don’t, the YouTube account. Therefore, don’t have subscription notifications. You can go and sign up to those pages, they’re very good way of staying up to date with my videos, but other than that. Thank you, everybody for this watching this update video featuring me actually in the flesh and I’ll see you in another video sometime goodbye. Everybody, oh god, him shit monstrosity finished off. Get over there see steam Wallet Codes Uk Free, is shit, no, no! No! No fuck! I did not mean to do that. Oh please, don’t tell me. I have to kill it again now, shit! God, stop! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop! It no, oh Lord! No, no! No! No! No! No holy crap! This air is horrible. Oh my got to be shot upon your bases, oh my! What the fuck holy shit holy, Sh, fucking, chance, whoa Jesus Christ, what.
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