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Hello, everybody, since we’re here we are back again for pirates, vs warlocks, this time I like the Pirates, they’re assholes the mean I feel like I like being a soul, other people so reserved more hour. So you have two more these and two more of these. Let’s see how much assholes I can be a soulless lantern, which I think my favorite, because in fact my girlfriend loves Steam Wallet Gift Card Free and it’s on that crippled and then fuck it. I guess was good for now work ballast out that that will help the late game or next turn gamer gold just turn some of this. It’s fucking adorable, again, no tools so trying to counter as be yeah. That thing will help us give an actress gold. Each time so i’ll see, we might run out to a full damage like you should damage yourself, then you can build a java cars. It’s not fair! You get double thanks for it. Actually I imma leave him here. Steam Wallet Gift Card Free shaman should be able to heal us next turn that scalp might beat my ass. Yes, it will sacrifice a unit doe Florida near the castle. I will do that cuz im an asshole. Oh, I can click that I summon you my house horsemen see you the sympathy, beeps go on, summon ally lie,

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I’m stupid and I get gold and get a cripple but no prison to cripple for defective no one’s on their team. Yet so hopefully that works. I don’t even know where go steam Wallet Gift Card Free like a stomach like I’m reading into it. I can’t hear what I’m saying kind of creepy and the shaman see you know what I’m throw the one up. We get 6 like a shaman headless and crippled this bastard get his ass. Go here, fight his ass, all right, that’s enough and then we’re good for now. I guess we’re this turn so. Finally, have I got like how high was look all my favorite 1 plus a 3 and we’re all enemies near target who you fiery bitch you do. I need a cripple, you go away and five left. Oh yeah. I always I forgot a guard ego and steam Wallet Gift Card Free of X, none other than another. Okay, I don’t know it’s fucking go on up, Oh see. I have to to to to to to to text of a lot guys. So when you hear get you up here – oh I I here go across this go here. I wipe this house sodium higher attack bitch. Oh, I should shove another shaman. This is because there good see what I got going on: kultis shaman, another shaman, how this guy’s feel I can I overhill these guys know: okay, go him here, then him here, oh and then okay,

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Steam Wallet Gift Card Free
I move my move him up like two or three right here. This fucker has a range of a goddamn monster Coulter, so he can now fuck me in the ass. Oh Jesus Christ and now he’s dead now, they’re, both good wizard up key mihai, won’t gold star your tropical with that cuz, I’m a fucking machine that gives me gold, hey here. If you kill, you kill, you kill you go here. Steam Wallet Gift Card Free go here he’ll! You do not heal oh um, drunk, let’s see Lee some more yeah and then go in for the attack here. I guess I don’t matter even get hurt he. I should be stopped doing things like that. Stop doing things like oh shit. Oh my god! Damn you I’d me, the fuck out wizard or a wizard go for a wizard I’ll go on like wizards. So here you, what do you do nothing? Steam Wallet Gift Card Free‘s a guy in a mask at that uh-huh bitch! You can. You should either next turn alright. So I have a machine that gives me gold and I got ta taste gold. So technically I guess isn’t horrible! Oh my god point well. Add that way. Incredibly! Well, more upkeep! Why not? What do you do you heal? No, oh fuck! I back you up a little bit and what, for your die, I’m going to swing bo eat that anyways I’m gonna hurt himself three fire damage come on. L perfect time for oh yeah,

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five sacrifice unit port – oh my god! All these fuckers are sacrificing coultas you’re, my new tanker, not really at all. What do you want a villain jail, so i had to myself laughing just killed. It fuck. It course find your warrior in this bitch, so steam Wallet Gift Card Free’re a 71. How do you get 8, i’m drunk? I don’t really need this shit. I hit you nope next trying to build a hit. You hopefully also anything to better wine steam Wallet Gift Card Free a swirl of my how to help do it everything in a vertical line. Steam Wallet Gift Card Free everything, Oh, could also mean like your own guys. What are you stop? It give to pleasant? No, but you have to pay one goal. Next. Turn I am okay with that, let’s fucking go hello, he’s dirty steam Wallet Gift Card Free is like red, so good. So it’s like a bloody turkey. Fuck, you hey more goal. If I have to give me that goal, I’m not the wipe you out to point and then the steam Wallet Gift Card Free hits me I’ll went but I’ll die. Let’s find out there. Steam Wallet Gift Card Free is lantern, I’m a little fair bastard, you 35! What’s his range coming out steam Wallet Gift Card Free the range everywhere separate, she does not matter what I’ll his s point. Next turn he’s going to kill me because I hear you attack me. I’M hit him, you have one life left.

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That’s off course you can is cheat my little pumpkin by the dying person archery point. She did Adam all rights, not bad 39. This is getting like ridiculously long as long as the last couple batches of it. What am i doing? What am I code to only who guards I’m in your deck? What does that mean? I steam Wallet Gift Card Free around dick run in a deck. How many engineers the draw the term again they take five damage. What does fuck if i could get one car if i can get his ass over here to hit this need to pay i’ll give it to this, like five damages turned, so is he who this is chris? Well, I want well, how am I default? I don’t like how strong you think, but hopefully who’s that I see EG book. But what the hell is that one, you sure levels inflicted unit with bleed and you gain one gold. That’s cool a faction on a lot warlocks the sons of bitches entering back to matches yet choir, okay, cool, alright! Well before you leave multiplayer okay letter come down. Let’s see what I get out. My packs, though okay deal 3, i’m mr. building or the castle and gave us not bad he’ll, wake up in thrall car. That’s not bad! That’s not bad! And, let’s new, i started your turn. This rich their buildings damaged in itself a new jolla card. So i get about two to three turns anyways that was pirates warlocks nom du warlocks with ninjas best. I have said steam Wallet Gift Card Free you for watching you’re all beautiful people, i’m so sore stay golden back.
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